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Meet Emeka

Emeka Obinnakwelu, Jr. aka Mind of Mek is a Nigerian American motivational speaker, author, and content creator. In his debut book, Greatness My Way: How To Conquer Unique Obstacles & Prepare For Greatness, he discusses the challenges of navigating family, culture, and society, and provides tips and strategies for overcoming them and becoming great.

Emeka leverages his mental health credentials, leadership, and motivational skills to help people become their best selves. His leadership was honed as an undergraduate student at Youngstown State University by successfully completing the Emerging Leader Program.

As a master’s student and graduate assistant of the Office of Multicultural Development at the University of Akron, Emeka served as a Program Assistant to the Goodyear Driving Opportunity Scholars Program where he facilitated the professional and personal development of the Goodyear Scholars.

After graduating from the University of Akron with his master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Emeka practiced as a full-time behavior health therapist at a community mental health agency in Akron, OH. Today, Emeka is a Counselor Education & Supervision Ph.D. student at The Ohio State University, which boasts a top 4 program in the country.

Above all else, Emeka is most proud to be a father to his son Greyson. As a hero to his son, Emeka understands the importance of setting a standard of greatness for his son to emulate. When he’s not studying or working at Ohio State, Emeka enjoys listening to podcasts, learning about entrepreneurship, watching sports, exercising, reading books, and spending time with his friends and family.

Emeka has had a profound impact on my personal development journey. His character exudes honor, humility, and relatability. Emeka’s strengths lie in his powerful mindset, ability to understand people, and using his past to ignite his future.

Essence English
Founder & CEO of Brands Endeavor

Emeka is passionate about helping others become their best and achieve their goals. His commitment to greatness is evident by his dedication to continuous improvement in multiple areas of his life. He possesses a unique blend of experience as a mental health professional, motivational skills, and a competitive spirit that make him a unique personal development coach.

Julian Jones
NCAA Athletic Administrator