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Services: Mindset Development, Motivational Speaking, Personal Development, Workshop Facilitation
Topics Covered:

  • Creating A Mindset That Magnifies: Emeka empowers students with professional counseling knowledge and proven techniques to transform their mindset into a mindset that magnifies themselves.
  • How To Reach Your Full Potential: Students have little knowledge about the value of personal development. Emeka educates students on why personal development is one of the biggest keys to unlocking their full potential.
  • How To Strive For Greatness: Emeka speaks about embracing challenges and viewing failures as learning opportunities. He educates students on the value of muses and discusses the necessary components students need as they embark on their greatness journeys.
  • Chasing Your Dreams: Many students have dreams, but very few of them have a roadmap to achieve their dreams. Emeka encourages students to identify and define their dreams. He then assists them in creating a roadmap with actionable steps, discusses the importance of staying persistent & adapting to changes, and discusses why students should be lifelong dreamers.
  • Facing & Embracing Adversity: Students will increase their resiliency by developing a blueprint for facing and embracing adversity which includes learning how to engage in self-reflection, developing coping mechanisms, and using circumstances as motivation.
  • How To Overcome Unique Obstacles Such as Family, Culture, & Society: Students face a unique set of circumstances by navigating experiences and expectations of their families, cultures, and society. Emeka provides students with tips and strategies that will allow students to successfully overcome these unique obstacles.
  • Experiences & Challenges Of Growing Up As A Child Of Foreign Immigrants: Many students have parents who are immigrants from foreign countries. As a child of Nigerian immigrants, Emeka shares his personal stories and experiences and the lessons he’s learned to help students overcome similar challenges.
  • The Value Of A Collectivist Culture: Emeka enlightens students on the strengths and values of collectivism, while students explore how collective values can contribute to their personal growth.
  • Anger Management 101: As a former Anger Management group facilitator at a community mental health agency, Emeka has been trained to educate students on a variety of topics within an Anger Management curriculum such as identifying triggers, the different types of anger, developing healthy outlets for expressing anger, etc. Students will learn the techniques and strategies to control their anger.
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